Ceramics processed by hand is an element that adds a noble dimension to both inner and outer spaces, creating elegance and refinenement, highlighting the objects that surround us.

Ceramics are hand-processed, burned at temperatures exceeding 1.000 degrees, unglazed with a natural patina. There are different styles of decorations with attachments of pictures, paintings or inserts of bronze, wood or bone.

Plain ceramic pieces are also available, priced by square meter. Prices are set according to the degree of complexity, size and dimensions of the mosaic tiles.

Work is carried out between 1 month and 3 months after signing the contract.

If a proposal is accepted and as a result an agreement between the client and the manufacturer is reached, the installation of the respective piece is carried out by the manufacturer, with no additional costs for the client.

It is also possible to manufacture simple ceramic tiles of various sizes, the price being calculated per square meter.

Calin Velio s joy turns into pottery objects found in nature, bringing together fire, water, and earth.

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